Casey’s Cupcakes at The Mission Inn Riverside

Casey’s Cupcakes at the Mission Inn in Riverside is something that needs to be experienced. The moment you walk in you’re flooded with delightful pink packages and the warm inviting sight of fresh cupcakes. Don’t let the name fool you though, they are way more than just Cupcakes. From back to school merchandise to delicious teas, they have got a lot going on in that shop.
The Mission Inn plays host to the flagship location of Casey’s Cupcakes and it’s elegance definitely plays a part in the entire cupcake experience. Being inside Casey’s is delightful, but taking in all the old, mission architecture that the Mission Inn holds really adds to their wonderful cupcakes. In fact, once you start to look at the entire process at Casey’s you notice how much they care about their customers. It seems that their entire philosophy is to make sure the customer has exactly what they need in order to enjoy their cupcakes the best….
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